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MUCLA Newsletter

Maharashtra University and College Librarians Association (MUCLA) has been established with the efforts of all professionals. The head quarter of which is at Jalgoan (Maharashtra).

No# Table of Content Volume Month Year Newsletter
1 MUCLA Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 1 Full Issue Oct-Dec 2020 View
2 President Desk Vol-1(Issue-I) Oct-Dec 2020 View
3 Homage to Dr. S. R. Ranganathan, Father of Library Science in India on
his 128th Birth Anniversary (1892-2020): Remembering his contributions
on account of Librarians Day
Vol-1(Issue-I) Oct-Dec 2020 View
4 Sanitization to Combat Covid-19 Vol-1(Issue-I) Oct-Dec 2020 View
5 Development of 'ENTRY' software at AV Arts, KM Commerce, ESA Science
College, Vasai Road (West), Dist. Palghar: An experiment
Vol-1(Issue-I) Oct-Dec 2020 View
6 Third MUCLA National Conference on "Reinventing Academic Libraries for
New Education System in Digital Age : Challenges and Opportunities"
Vol-1(Issue-I) Oct-Dec 2020 View
7 MUCLA Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 2 Full Issue Jan-March 2020 View
8 President Desk Vol-1(Issue-2) Jan-March 2021 View
9 Contribution of Dr.S.R.Ranganathan (Contd... from last
issue) Dr.N.B.Dahibhate, Retired Principal Technical Officer,
Vol-1(Issue-2) Jan-March 2021 View
10 Global Innovation Index Vol-1(Issue-2) Jan-March 2021 View
11 Dnyansagar Blog-ज्ञानसागर ब्लॉग Vol-1(Issue-2) Jan-March 2021 View
12 MUCLA Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 3 Full Issue April-June 2021 View
13 President Desk Vol-1(Issue-3) April-June 2021 View
14 Contribution of Dr.S.R.Ranganathan (Contd... from Vol.1
Issue2) Dr.N.B.Dahibhate, Retired Principal Technical Officer,
Vol-1(Issue-3) April-June 2021 View
15 Report of 65 Annual International Conference of Indian Library
Vol-1(Issue-3) April-June 2021 View
16 MUCLA Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 4 Full Issue July-Sept 2021 View
17 President Desk Vol-1(Issue-4) July-Sept 2021 View
18 Introduction to Library Professional Vol-1(Issue-4) July-Sept 2021 View
19 New Technology in Library Vol-1(Issue-4) July-Sept 2021 View
20 Event Reports Vol-1(Issue-4) July-Sept 2021 View
21 MUCLA Newsletter Vol 2 Issue 1 Full Issue Oct-Dec 2021 View
22 MUCLA Newsletter Vol 3 Issue 4 Full Issue July–Sept 2023 View
23 MUCLA Newsletter Vol 4 Issue 1 Full Issue Oct–Dec 2023 View

Editorial Board

Guest Editor
Dr N B Dahibhate.
Retired Principal Technical Officer, CSIR- NCL, Pune
Mobile No-9422308983
Dr.Milind Anasane, Librarian,
HVPM's College of Engineering & Technology, Amravati
Mobile No-8275395360

Dr.Veena Kamble (Salampure), Librarian,
Vasantrao Naik Mahavidyalaya, Aurangabad
Mobile No-9370645935

Dr.P.B.Bilawar, Assistant Librarian,
Knowledge Resource Center, Shivaji University, Kolhapur
Mobile No- 9423290302

Mr.Vishal Bapte, Assistant Librarian,
Knowledge Resource Center, SGB Amravati University, Amravati
Mobile No- 8329095438

Dr. Medha Dharmapurikar,
KRM Mahila Arts, Commerce, Science College, Nanded
Mobile No- 9422170304

Dr. Ravindra M. Mendhe,
SVKM'S , NMIMS ( Deemed to be University), Shirpur Campus, Dhule
Mobile No-9403503789
Dr. Vinay B Patil, Gerneral Secretary,
Maharashtra University and College Librarians Association.
Office: - "Runaubandha" 35, Shastri Nagar, Jalgaon.425002 (MS) email:-
Shriprabhu Printer Amravati, Mobile 9850386253