Organizational Structure

Association works on three levels

  • Sectional Council (विभागीय मंडळ)
  • General Council (सर्वसाधारण मंडळ)
  • Central Council (केद्रीय मंडळ)

Sectional Council (विभागीय मंडळ)


In the jurisdiction of every Non Agriculture Universities (State Universities) in Maharashtra the MUCLA has setup one Sectional Council. Every Sectional Council has its own Executive Body which is constituted from amongst the members of the respective sectional council. The Executive Body of every Sectional Council of MUCLA shall consist of the following eleven (11) executives.

Joint Secretary1Treasurer1Members6

General Council (सर्वसाधारण मंडळ)


General Council shall consists of the following Members

  • President of MUCLA - President
  • Co-ordinator and Secretary of every Sectional Council
  • Three members (excluding Co-ordinator and Secretary) elected from amongst the executive body of each Sectional Council
  • General Secretary of Central Council – Secretary

Central Council (केद्रीय मंडळ)


Executive Body of Central Council shall be as follows.

President1Vice-President1General Secretary1
Joint Secretary1Treasurer1Members26

Note: Tenure of all Executives working on all three levels of MUCLA shall be of FIVE years.