Welcome to Maharashtra University and College Librarians Association

There should be a right platform to discuss the problems regarding the development of University and college libraries in Maharashtra as well as the library professionals working in these institutions collectively. This demand is continuously come from librarians working in higher education since long back from various academic platform of the field. Considering this the senior and experienced professionals had decided to establish and registered the organization of the professionals on Maharashtra level.

Accordingly on the Maharashtra University and College Librarians Association (MUCLA) has been established with the efforts of all professionals. The head quarter of which is at Jalgoan (Maharashtra).

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Recent News

  • Suggestions for Seventh Pay Review regarding Librarians in Universities and Colleges

    24 Sep 2016 Attachment
  • Suggestions from MUCLA on the Maharashtra Public University Bill 2016 to be submitted to the Govt .of Maharashtra

    06 Jun 2016 Attachment
  • Maharashtra University and College Librarian Association is organizing First -Two Day Conference

    30 Oct 2016 Attachment
  • MUCLA Conference_Registration_FORM & COPYRIGHT FORM

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